Saying Thank You

Dear Passengers,

This year marks five years since the old corolla started off on Margallah Road, and 77 Long Drives began. The idea for 77 Long Drives was to find laughter amongst life’s changing contours, and to develop a deeper consciousness of the world through the written word, audio, and visual media. Along the way, your driver has had the immense privilege of sharing stories, poetry, essays, and thoughts on history, culture, architecture, education, politics, and religion, amongst other things. We have traversed many countries, including Pakistan, America, Nigeria, Tanzania, Jordan, Thailand, UAE, the United Kingdom, and numerous cities. Through it all, you have listened with consciousness, and contributed with insight. For this, and in particular to all those who supported 77 Long Drives with great enthusiasm at its outset, I am deeply grateful.

Where will 77 Long Drives go to next? It will travel to where its commitment to being a space for introspection, learning, and its resolve to contribute to the struggle for a more inclusive world will take it. As we go along, I hope you will continue to point out roads which should be taken.

Before we part for today, I wanted to pas on a small gift as a token of my appreciation to all passengers, old and new, who have been a part of the journey thus far. It is a picture. The picture is of a marble plaque which recounts the life story, and a favourite poem of Major Geoffrey Douglas Langlands. It was taken outside his home at Aitchison College in Lahore this summer. Of all the individuals I have met to date, Major Langlands has been amongst the most inspirational (See here). The words in green exemplify the spirit of 77 Long Drives at age five, and these I would like to share with you.

Langlands House

To drives yet to come, journeys yet to be undertaken.


– 77 Long Drives.


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