A Poem for the Winter

The holidays are here. There is snow outside. It is the final week of the year.  Soon, we will make the transition into 2011. As clocks around the world will display 12:00, some of us will celebrate noisily, cheering and clapping. Others will be fast asleep, least bothered. Yet others will be quiet, deep in prayer. Some will notice the change, and wonder how much of the new year they will actually live. Some will beg their fathers to take them out to the city center, tugging with their little hands, others will watch on television, wishing that they  could go too.

And regardless, ready or not, humanity will move ahead into another year. As we race ahead, I wonder if we will look back and revisit some of the places we have been. To recall the lessons we learned, and the promises we made to ourselves.

Today, I wanted you to hear some of my favourite poetry. It is playing on the radio. I will be thinking of it when the clock strikes twelve.

When the cold of Winter comes,

Starless night will cover day

In the veiling of the sun, We will walk in bitter rain

But in dreams, I still hear your name

And in dreams, We will meet again

When the seas and Mountains fall, And we come to end of days

In the dark I hear a call, Calling me there

I will go there, And back again


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