A Long Hiatus

Yes, I know it’s hot back there. The air conditioning is malfunctioning. For today, just roll down your window and consider the heat a ‘Welcome Back’ gift!

Yes dear traveler, an explanation is due. Even though you may have thought (and you are entitled to do so), that I had driven very far and decided never to return, that did not happen. The real cause was something much more simple: academic duties, and graduation. And what a beautiful time of life that was! You should have all been there! The many, many great moments will stay with me forever.

However, dear traveler, you were never far from my thoughts. Over the few months that we were apart, I kept my eyes and ears open and collected many a tale  to narrate to you.  Some funny, some sad, others inspiring. As you know, contemplation knows no bounds – and it shouldn’t, for if we stopped thinking, we would also cease to act in meaningful ways.

So like the promised spring (You have read it, haven’t you?), your chauffeur returns once more. No more public transport for you, for now. So stop protesting, roll down your window and let us drive once more!


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