The Promise of Spring

A soft sound – a chirp announced it all

It almost escaped your notice

I am sure you saw the first bud

Out of the corner of you eye

Do you remember the whiff

of Sweet peas as you crossed the garden?

Draped in morning dew

Abundant in purity, breathtakingly fresh

There were bees around

They knew it much before you did

Kittens played catch on slippery grass

Lightning streaks with furry tails

Did you take a moment and let yourself be greeted by the flowers?

Did you savour your surroundings — acknowledge the love they had for you?

On the day the earth became your friend again

A day when you felt like saying everything

For every unjust oppression, a freedom true

For every moment of fear, a deep reservoir of courage

For every harsh winter, a beautiful spring

Colour, laughter, and hope, it will surely bring


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