A Life Lived

My friend,

I know it is getting late, it is long past evening and who knows how safe the streets are these days, but stay a little longer. I know you are busy and must have much to do, but I just wanted to leave you with some parting thoughts.

Friend, do you ever think about life?

Perhaps the thought was spurred by the pine trees to our left, or the impressive hills whose shadows you see in the distance to your right, but this thought is what occupies my mind today. Like our drives, our lives too must come to an end. It is though, a concept a bit more complex than our long drives, even though many amongst us try to ‘keep things simple.’ Though, one may not have begun to look back yet (except for occasional glances in the rear-view),  it is never to early to begin doing so. This is for the end-point of the journey is unknown. As you go about your business, it is important to keep your eye on the larger picture. What is your part in the grand scheme of things and eventually, what do you contribute to, at the end of each day. Fight hard when faced with adversity, and hold fast to your principles on nights of solitude and melancholia.

The air is cool, make sure you take it in. What a lovely night to drive.

She left India seven years older than the ‘Homeland for Muslims.’ She toiled to get a Master’s degree in the Urdu language. When widowed a few years after her marriage, she chose to fight for her two daughters. From Jhang to London, her struggles took her, and she made sure that her children inherited a bright future. Last week, after 69 years of hard work and a passion for producing positive change through education, she passed away. After many months, it rained in Islamabad and Rawalpindi that morning.

My friend, our lives are short. They are specks on a grand canvas. These specks though, do cover great distances and interact with so many others like them. Someday, my friend, you will trace your journey upon the grand canvas, and reflect upon where you have been. Try your best to make sure that the picture is one that you always wanted to draw.

I’ll open the lock for you. May your travels be safe, my friend.


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